Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Winter quarterly

NYC, Sept 16-24
1- Beach House's glowing "tents," starry lights
2- Scavenging the blood and guts of Radio City Music Hall
3- Dum Dums headline the Knitting Factory, a blur + David Cross?
4, 5- Dave and Chiko's Soho abode <3
6- Doughnut Plant and iced coffeecoffeecoffee x coffee
7- Chelsea, where Angela and Malcolm Gladwell could've/should've battled 'fros
8- The Dennis monster & best Bushwick host

Since the last quarterly, I've given in and become one with my iPhone, hence "phoneface" and this drawing of me and my cousin, Karen, who is "bobaface" for almost no reason except that she loves boba again.

On January 3rd of the new year, I'm moving away from all of my favorite everythings to live and study in Stockton, CA. I'll be back in the middle part of 2012 with bachelor's degree #2 in dental hygiene (and a job, fingers crossed). Until then...the party's over! :(


samantha said...

love this update! you already know but you won't that far from the bay! holla!

Ruben said...